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As the novel coronavirus keeps most of us home, this lack of in-person human contact can cause stress, fear, uncertainty and loneliness. That is why we put together this COVID-19 resource page to give you another source to go to for tips and resources to keep you and your families informed and well—in good health.

Johns Hopkins University Resource Center

Johns Hopkins

keep up to date from the experts in global public health, infectious disease and emergency preparedness

•  COVID-19 news
•  COVID-19 interactive map
•  Data center
•  COVID-19 basics AND MORE

Public Service Announcements

Tips for Furloughed Employees

Tips to Protect Seniors

Tips for Learning to Unplug

Tips to Change Your Mindset

Tips to Conquer Anxiety

Tips for Self Care

COVID-19 – Resource guide for HR

Strategic Business Considerations for Human Resources

  • Best practices
  • Operational considerations
  • Employee support

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Domestic Violence

During the Pandemic, Shelter in Place and Beyond

  • Types of abuse
  • Domestic violence cycle
  • Hotlines
  • Resources
  • Shelters

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Relationship Strain During COVID-19

WE Have tips & guidelines to help!

  • Use social media with care
  • Understand needs
  • Take your emotional pulse
  • Wear new shoes
  • What to do when it goes too far

Relationship Strain

Guidance for Preparing Workplaces for Coronavirus

U.S. Department of Labor resources on preparing workplaces for the
COVID-19 virus

  • Unemployment Insurance Relief During COVID-19 Outbreak
  • Learn How to File for Unemployment Insurance
  • The overtime final rule will make 1.3 million more American workers eligible for overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

U.S. Department of Labor

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Information from the CDC

  • How to protect yourself
  • What to do if you are sick
  • Symptoms & self checker
  • Slow the spread
  • Cloth face covers
  • Critical workers

Centers for Disease Control

Managing employees during a crisis

As a result of the Coronavirus, we are making unprecedented changes in our day to day lives and in our day to day ways of doing business, in order to help curb the impact of a pandemic.

This means that leaders must be prepared to assess and implement changes, sometimes on a daily basis, as we receive new information and new recommendations from our government and public health officials.

Whether you are still operating at your worksite or managing employees remotely, we have some recommendations for Smart Managers that apply to both scenarios, as well as some recommendations unique to each.

Back to work recommendations:

  • Empathy first
  • Avoid minimizing concerns
  • Institute cleaning protocols

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Virtual Connectivity

Staying connected during the outbreak - Social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation.

As the novel coronavirus keeps most of us home, this lack of in-person human contact can cause stress and loneliness. However, there are many ways to stay connected during social distancing.

Of course, there are phone calls and texts. A quick, "I'm thinking about you" text could be a boost for someone. But sometimes people want to see other's faces and do activities together. We have many tips and resources for your use.

Here are just a few:

  • Schedule virtual coffee/tea
  • Watch movies together ONLINE
  • Stick to your workout schedule

Get Connected

Ulliance has been producing
some very useful newsletter style communications recently and we are grateful for access to them and for the opportunity to share them with our teams.

Gordon A. Thompson Sr. Global HR & Operations Leader at Kawasaki Robotics

Working From Home #WFH

Tips to Work Remote Successfully

Learn how to make the most out of working remotely. It’s our company’s #1 priority to help keep you safe & informed, while many employees work remotely.


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“ We really appreciate you and the whole Ulliance team! Stay safe and Bwell!"
Beaumont Hospital

COVID-19 Care for Aging Loved Ones

Tips for caring for your elders during coronavirus.

Amid the uncertainty swirling around the coronavirus pandemic stands one undisputed fact: The highest rate of severe, life-threatening symptoms is among older people, particularly those with underlying medical conditions. This includes those over the age of 60, and especially those over 80. This leaves older people and their families wondering what extra precautions they should take.

We have put together some guidelines, tools and tips for caring for your aging loved ones—without putting them at risk!


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Staying On Top of Your Health During COVID-19


Most well-being advice can be boiled down to simple behaviors, like eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and getting good quality sleep. But during a pandemic like COVID-19, these behaviors are more important than ever for maintaining your physical and mental well-being. But social distancing during quarantine makes things really complicated.

To help you stay well, we have put together many tips and resources for you to use to enhance your total well-being.

Be safe. Stay home and be well!

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10 Tips for Dealing with the Stress of a Furlough

This is a difficult time for many people, but the following tips can help alleviate some of the challenges this situation presents.

Handling the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic has probably been difficult in the first place. Adding a
temporary furlough to the mix can compound the anxiety, fear, and frustration an employee is already

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For Our Heroes on the Front Line

managing stress & increasing RESILIENCY

Managing Stress

• Reduce Secondary Traumatic Stress
    o Acknowledge that STS can impact anyone helping families after a traumatic event.
    o Learn the symptoms.

We have put together a comprehensive guide for health care workers and first responders to help manage and promote self-care as they fight this battle for all us—in good health!


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On Demand Webinars

Life advisor wellness webinars for employees

On Demand Smart Webinar Series

Life advisor wellness webinars for managers

Recovering From Workplace Critical Incidents

If your organization has already faced a critical incident, and you're looking for continued support for your employees, we can help. The Ulliance Life Advisor EAP® assists both HR managers and their employees on the road to recovery.

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Did you know?

A timely and appropriate response from managers can help speed employee recovery following the death of a co-worker.

Are you currently managing recovery from a recent event? Call us

"After the loss of a well-loved employee, our Ulliance Account Manager came to council our team. The Account Manager from Ulliance was so kind and caring. Having this Critical Incident Stress Debriefing as a part of our EAP made a huge impact on our employees, they experienced firsthand just how much we care about them. We received lots of positive feedback from the 100 employees that attended the stress debriefing."
- A Large Healthcare Provider

Employee Assistance Program Benefits

Ready to help your employees to balance their personal life with their work life, and improve your business in the process?

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Complete Workforce Services

Ulliance offers human resource management from one expert, reliable source, with a focus on positive behavioral change. We’ve assembled a comprehensive range of flexible services that keep your employees emotionally and physically healthy:

Employee Assistance Programs
Employee Assistance Programs
Programs and resources to help employees balance their personal & work life.
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Wellness Programs
Wellness Programs
Coaching, HRAs, on-site health screenings, wellness App, and challenges!
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Training and Development
Training and Development
High-impact training, compliance, leadership, management, teamwork & more.
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Organizational Development Consulting
Organizational Development Consulting
Strategic planning, goal setting, techniques to improve teamwork & communication.
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Outplacement Services
Outplacement Services
Emotional support, career coaching, training for exiting & remaining employees.
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Incident & Crisis Management
Incident & Crisis Management
Post trauma debriefings, in-person counseling, management consultation & training.
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Student Assistance Program
Student Assistance Program
Emotional well-being support to students & leadership resources for universities and colleges.
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U*F1RST First Responder Program
U*F1RST First Responder Program
The U*F1RST counselors have years of experience supporting the unique challenges that First Responders encounter. You are the backbone of our community, and we are putting U*F1RST.
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Maximize Your EAP's Value and ROI

Our EAP has a higher level of participation – double the national rate –which means it pays for itself. Use our ROI calculator to learn how investing in a better EAP can save you money.

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#RiseAbove: Be Part of the Conversation

At Ulliance, our mission is to improve the lives of the people we serve. We started the #RiseAbove hashtag to highlight our commitment to helping organizations as they support their employees in Rising Above every day challenges.

Use the hashtag #RiseAbove on social media to continue the conversation. Together, we can work toward better emotional well-being and physical health for all employees.