Support for Employees and HR Managers During Critical Times

When a crisis strikes your organization or an employee dies suddenly, time is critical and we are there to respond. We’ll provide expert workplace crisis management and incident support 24/7 when your employees experience:

  • Sudden death or illness of an employee due to medical crisis
  • Workplace conflicts and/or acts of aggression
  • Acts of violence in the workplace
  • Violent robberies
  • Employee suicide
  • Auto, motorcycle or plane accident
  • Natural disasters
  • Other tragic or traumatic events

Our specialized incident and workplace crisis management team can help your staff deal with post-trauma reactions through on-site debriefings, in-person counseling, management consultation and specialized training. Services include:

  • Expert support and intervention 24/7
  • Help with organizational violence, tragedies or employee losses
  • Specialized crisis management team
  • On-site debriefings and in-person counseling
  • Fast response for sudden crises
  • Employee performance consultation

You can’t prevent all crises. But you can plan ahead—and be ready to act when your organization experiences tragedy or violence.


Grief & Loss Tips
“Thank you so much for the support of the Ulliance Account Managers that came to the rescue after a tragic incident at one of our out-of-state manufacturing plants. The counseling and consult that was provided was essential for our managers and team members during this difficult time. I understand that there were Ulliance Account Managers on the road at 2:30 AM in order to provide this CISD in a prompt manner — words cannot express our gratitude!” Benefits Manager, Large Michigan Manufacturing Plant