U*F1RST First Responder Program

Ulliance First Responder Support Team

First Responders are in the business of helping other people. Meeting the emergency demands in our communities can be draining physically and emotionally and may leave you feeling exhausted. 

First Responders deserve the care and support that they give to others every single day. To keep up with these responsibilities sometimes requires that you put YOU FIRST. That's why Ulliance has developed the U*F1RST program. We understand the issues you face and want to be there for you.

The U*F1RST counselors have years of experience supporting the unique challenges that First Responders encounter. You are the backbone of our community, and we are putting U*F1RST.

Counseling - First Responders encounter daily workplace stressors such as heavy workloads, rotating shifts, and, occasionally, discrimination and bullying. These factors can have an immediate detrimental impact on some individuals; for others, the negative effects build up over weeks, months, or even years. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need to talk, contact a U*F1RST specialized counselor for free and confidential assistance with any work/life or personal issue such as stress, major life decisions, relationship issues, substance use, grief/loss, and overwhelming emotions. We are here to help!

Crisis Support - U*F1RST mental health professionals are available by phone 24/7/365.

Well-being Portal - Anytime access to articles, resources, healthy-living tips, webinars as well as our orientation videos.

Coaching - Life Advisor Coaches offer telephonic or video support for individual life enhancement goals, such as education, career advancement, financial or self improvement goals.

Referrals - Consultants provide recommendations and resources available to First Responders within the community.

Work/Life Materials - Information on a wide range of work-life balance topics are easily accessed through the EAP portal in the form of webinars, videos and PDFs.

Legal & Financial Consultations - Ulliance professionals can connect
employees with resources to assist individuals regarding legal and financial issues.

"FIRST RESPONDERS—In this family no one fights alone."

“It was a tough shift. I had a headache on the way home and I was yelling at people for driving too slow. When I got home my kid was right on me telling me about this thing that happened at school. I tried to listen. I really did. But I wasn’t. I just wanted to go in the garage and have a beer. I know I’m a good employee and a good parent. But…I just don’t feel like I’m either right now…”A First Responder