STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS Provide Well-Being Support for Students and Administrators

In-Person Counseling, Consultative Services and On-going Communication

The Life Advisor Student Assistance Program (SAP) provides well-being support to university and college students, as well as services for school administrators.

Support for Students

The primary source of support is in-person counseling with a clinician close to work, home or school. We offer over 20,000 providers nationally. All providers hold an emotional well-being practice license and have a Master’s or Doctoral level degree. Along with in-person counseling, a student can access phone counseling sessions. HIPPA compliant video counseling is available in certain states for students with a reliable internet connection and webcam. Counseling services include individual, family and relationship counseling. Immediate phone support is available 24/7/365. Students can call as needed. If a student is experiencing a crisis, they contact the same number for crisis support and action planning. All services are completely confidential.

Monthly newsletters on a range of academic-life balance issues are provided via email to students. Each newsletter includes a short reminder of the support available through the Student Assistance Program, as well as the toll-free number that a student can call to access services.

On-campus crisis support called Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) is available following a tragedy or trauma, such as violence, death or accidents. A Ulliance facilitator will provide phone consultation to determine how to meet the needs of your students following a tragedy or trauma. A CISM session is usually two hours, with a debriefing group followed by short individual support sessions.

Support for Administrators

Consultation services are available to assist administrators with student behavior challenges such as anger management, substance use, risk issues related to suicide and other emotional well-being concerns. A mandatory counseling process called the Individualized Success Program (ISP) is a formal referral to counseling. If through the consultation process an ISP is identified as the appropriate course of action, the dedicated Ulliance Account Manager with the appropriate university or college administration will provide assistance. The program includes a limited release of confidentiality and provides reporting on compliance with counseling sessions. A Ulliance Case Manager is available to assist the student directly with the process.

Promotion planning and promotion services are customized to meet the needs of your culture and student population. Our goal is to engage key student groups and student services on campus in providing ongoing information and referral to the Student Assistance Program. Awareness of the program is key to students seeking support. Faculty are often a caring ear and coaching on how to encourage the use of the Student Assistance Program is part of the services involved in the promotion. Ulliance can participate in on-campus events to further boost student awareness. Ulliance can provide flyers, wallet cards, magnets, emails, posters, and other material to promote the program. Utilization of the program is included in regular reports reviewed by the dedicated Account Manager with the appropriate university or college administration.


  • 24/7 crisis support provided by Ulliance, including professionals experienced with assessing and intervening for crisis issues such as risk for suicide and/or violence
  • 20,000 providers to choose from nationally, which is beneficial for out-of-state students using online study programs and for when students return home for summer break
  • The range of providers so that students have choices regarding finding a good client-counselor fit (versus an on-campus program limited to 1-10 counselors)
  • Convenience for students who are juggling work, school, and family. They can pick a counselor based on a convenient location and there are multiple modality options (in person, phone and video)
  • Privacy is a critical part of the program since students can access service off-campus. Counseling is provided by licensed Master’s level or PhD level clinicians, not interns, practicum students or professors
  • Students don’t have to worry about running into peers or professors if privacy is a concern
  • Services include legal, financial and resource referral services
  • Counseling is available with phone appointments or via video counseling if that is preferred
  • No out of pocket cost (no co-pay, no deductibles, no co-insurance) that a student would incur using insurance
  • The SAP provides an opportunity to address stress issues at the core to reduce the risk that they will interfere in academic performance, improving student retention and graduation rates
  • Formal referral (mandatory counseling) services for student conduct issues provide an opportunity for building skills and tools to be successful in the academic environment. This process can help retain students at the school and address conduct issues with compassion and support. It can be an opportunity for growth
“We were honored to partner with Ulliance to be part of a movement to bring awareness to, and help eradicate, the stigma around anxiety and host the documentary Angst on our campus. This powerful film shows how students really feel about anxiety and opens the conversation with students, staff, faculty, and our community about resources that can provide hope.”Christine Benson, Ph.D., Madonna University assistant vice president and dean of students.

Wellbeing Support for Students and Administrators