A large majority, 87% of employers are committed to workplace wellness. In a national survey, more than 60% of employers said workplace wellness programs reduced their organizations’ health care costs.

Our comprehensive Life Advisor Wellness® programs are based on changing behaviors and are designed to enhance your employees’ health and improve your business’ bottom line. 

In our society that prioritizes health and fitness, it's easy to lose sight of the true meaning of well-being. At its core, well-being encompasses feeling great and living a safe and healthy life. The Ulliance 5 to Thrive program focuses on holistic wellness, covering all aspects of life including physical health, emotional well-being, community engagement, financial stability, and career fulfillment. Understanding the importance of well-being can greatly impact your overall quality of life, health, and happiness.

Getting healthier is a lot more fun with 5 to Thrive! You will earn badges as you complete healthy actions in all 5 areas of well-being: emotional, physical, financial, career and community.

You may be eligible to redeem great rewards and celebrate your successes with our Rewards & Recognition feature that is built right inside the portal.

The goal of the 5 to Thrive program is to educate, motivate and empower you to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors so you can thrive!

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Every year, your employee population faces additional health issues, and you can curb the impact of declining health on your organization’s overall well-being.

How it Works

Our main goal is to assist organizations in creating and sustaining a healthy culture that educates, motivates and empowers employees and their family members to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors. To achieve that goal, Ulliance believes that the following resources should be made available to all employees at your organization to increase engagement in your well-being program.

  • Dedicated well-being Account Manager
  • Wellness communication including a Wellness Wednesday E-Newsletter
  • Health assessment
  • 4 company-wide challenges
  • Well-being portal
  • Well-being app
  • And several additional options!
    Well-being Portal

Our Life Advisor Wellness® Portal gives each of your employees a personal and private page to track their biometrics, participate in a health chat with a well-being coach, keep a health journal, participate in exercise and nutrition challenges, and more! The site also gives your company the ability to create custom group challenges, promote any upcoming events specific to your worksite and highlight additional programs from your benefits package.

Our mission is to provide programs, tools, and resources that promote and support health and well-being so that your employees and your business can thrive! That starts with evaluating your workforce. These are meant to give your employees a snapshot of their health. The aggregate data we get from your participants will lay the foundation for your well-being program. These services will be billed per participant per year.

  • Health screening
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Well-being coaching for high-risk individuals

In our continued efforts to help you sustain a healthy culture that is supportive of the health and well-being of your employees, we have components of our program that educate your employees on the importance of staying active, involved and informed about their health.

  • Online well-being challenges
  • Well-being posters
  • Onsite well-being seminars
  • Wellness videos

When it’s time to ramp up your well-being program Ulliance has the following a la carte options that are sure to enhance your program and make it one of the best wellness programs out there.

Increase Total Employee Well-Being

Well-being encompasses far more than just physical health, exercise, or nutrition. It involves the harmonious integration of various dimensions of wellness. That's why Ulliance Life Advisor Wellness® is a game-changer! By giving your employees access to these programs, you're helping them ace the art of well-being.

"The wellness resources are amazing! We especially like the Wellness Wednesday newsletter! Everyone at Faurecia loves it and looks forward to it coming every week."Faurecia USA Holdings Inc.